About Us

We are a father and daughter who fell in love with Scandinavian glass and teak after moving to Sweden in 2013. As the collection accumulated, we realised we had too much to keep ourselves. We decided that we could sell some of these fantastic pieces to people all over the world, so they could experience many of these items that would not have been exported. This meant we could then go out and hunt for more glass, not just the pieces that we liked for our own collections. We started off with a simple Etsy page where we sell Scandinavian glass and teak as well as some other bits and pieces we find. Then we decided to start going to the National Glass Fair in the UK in Birmingham. Our first show was in November 2017 and we are planning to attend most years to the May and November show. If you want to know exactly which upcoming fairs we will be attending then check the Where To Find Us page!

Our Stock image

Our Stock

On our Etsy page we limit ourselves to smaller items that are easier to ship and that we are confident we can pack so they won’t break in transit. So, if you’re after some smaller items or teak items (as we primarily sell our teak there) then check it out!

You might be wondering what we do with all our larger items? Well these are what we take to the National Glass Fairs in the UK. Here on our Stock Gallery page we have images and info about all the items we will be taking to the fairs, so if you want a heads up on what we will be bringing, make sure to check that out too! Obviously we will try to update the Stock Gallery page as often as we can, but we can’t guarantee everything will be there. There might be items we bring along last minute or that we don’t have time to add.

So, don’t be disheartened if you are looking for something that isn’t on our Stock Gallery or Etsy page! As we are constantly on the look out for glass and teak, feel free to get in touch with us if you want something specific. That way we can keep our eyes peeled for that too! You can reach us on all our social media, our email or on the Contact Us page.

We look forward to meeting you at the next National Glass Fair or seeing your messages in our inbox!



Right now our site is still under construction, but we hope to get it up and fully functional soon!

But don’t hesitate to contact us if in the meantime!


Just finished the May National Glass Fair. All ready for our return in November! Hope to see you there!